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My Role

Head of Product Design. Lead project alongside R&D and El Al’s Head of Digital and Head of Mobile; managed one product designer.


The Bidflyer multi-channel platform enables airlines to offer consumers unique personalized content based on user searches.
The vacation feature is part of the airline
e-commerce portal.


The challenge was to get more users to book hotel rooms or purchase vacations through the airline website by showing attractive prices and simplifying the consumer user flow.

During this project, we worked closely with the EL-AL airline team to define their needs. 
The junior designer on my team designed the feature with my close guidance and supervision.

The process was complicated because the airline had a lot of legal restrictions. We had to adjust the interface to the airline's unique requirements.

Primary feature

The primary users of the vacation portal are returning customers. Most of them have an airline frequent flyer membership. These customers prefer to fly with an airline they know and trust.

Old airline vacations UI.


Phase 01 - Innovative Concept.

The airline team asked for innovative design. After long research at the competing companies' websites I realized that the flow and visibility are quite similar on most sites. My team and I wanted to create a new user experience in order to differentiate the look from other competitors and create a fresh experience.


UX Concept.

The new concept was to change the layout of the hotels & vacations shown to the user to differentiate the look from other competitors and to create a fresh, new user experience.

Instead of columns of rectangular components, we decided to change them into squares.
The result was a new look for hotels & vacations.

New Concept UI.


Hotel - More details UX.

Additional details about the hotel opened in the pop-up from the right side of the screen, allowing simple navigation of the hotel's additional information.

Hotel - More details UI.


Phase 02 - Conservative flow.

The airline team asked for innovative design, however, after introducing the new concept the airline team realized that their users are very conservative. We were asked to design a more conventional product that fits its users.

Vacations UX Flow.

Vacations UI Design.

Mobile version UX.

Mobile version UI.

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