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Hi, I'm Emi Schenkelbach Kleiner
Product Designer.

I’m a product designer with 10+ years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with different startups and with lots of great, fun, and some unusual people around the world.

I'm passionate about problem-solving and complex challenges. I'm looking to learn new things every day. 

I believe in the power of design to improve the human-centered experience in the technology-driven world.


Due to my background as an industrial designer, I love exploring user experience in everyday life and the products surrounding us.


I love spending time with my family, street art around the world and growing plants in my little balcony.

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A Little Bit About My Life. 

Hackathon - Hult Business School. 


Boston | Reduxio Systems | 2016

An amazing innovation hackathon. We met with 70 students studying marketing at Hult International Business School university in Boston.

The event was a marketing Hackathon for Reduxio Systems.
The students had to come up with marketing strategies. We came to mentor them as UX UI team leaders.

What People Say. 

What people say

Adrian Puentes

Creative Director | Reduxio Systems

I’m very pleased to recommend Emi for any company who's seeking for a talented designer. As a Creative Director, I’ve worked alongside Emi for the past three years. Not only has she been a key player on our team, but she’s also become a close personal friend. Emi’s skills and leadership qualities would make her an invaluable addition to your team.

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Dror Granot

VP R&D | Reduxio Systems

I've managed Emi directly for 3 years and indirectly for another few months. Emi was the UI/UX designer for one of the most beautiful and innovative UI's that were built lately and had a leading role on all UX aspects in the company . Emi is a true professional - she always aspire to bring a design that is innovative, "cool" and yet easy to use with the end customer in mind. She brings deep understanding, passion and care to her designs, to her co-workers, to her work environment and to the organization has a whole. Emi will bring huge value to any company or a project she will be part of from any kind - from enterprises UI to apps and everything in between. I truly hope I will have a chance to work with her again in the future.

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Eyal Traitel

Technical Marketing Director | Reduxio Systems

Emi is dedicated, focused UX/UI expert and skilled designer. During her time at Reduxio she was instrumental in the simplifying advanced UI screens, upgrading the look and feel of our technical marketing and marketing collateral deliverables, and managing industrial design aspects of our product. Emi strived for a standard, consistent visual language for the company - one that would cross the different needs, requirements and teams.
Beyond all - Emi's friendly and positive attitude contributed to higher energy within the entire organization.
I am confident that other organizations would highly benefit from Emi's vast experience in UX/UI and the various forms of design.

Startup Designers Mentoring Program. 

Nov 2019 until today

I currently volunteer as a Mentor at Startup Designers - a large community for Product Designers.
As part of the "Startup Designers" community, I meet with designers at all stages of their careers. I guide them in creating a portfolio while mentoring them and advising on career management. I love to mentor and help the design community.

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