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Lead a form factor design project for Reduxio's storage hardware. Managed an external vendor, who executed the production in China with my active on-site supervision.

The Bezel is a bridge installed on the storage system and covers the disks.

The project goal was to design and manufacture the most unique Bazel in the storage industry. The challenge was to get the server to communicate with the software. 
Blue light indicated there were no errors in the server. In the case of corruption or any crucial problem, the blue light turns red.

Old Bezel.

1st Phase - Design Concepts.

2nd Phase - Design Renders.

3rd Phase - Mechanical Drawings.

4th Phase - Quality Tests - Manufacturing Factory | China.

On my visit to factories in China, I visited eight different factories. I had to do quality control. I made sure all parts were appropriately manufactured, and that everything went according to plan.