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Bidflyer provides an operational module with end-to-end management capabilities called Back-Office. The Back-Office enables airlines to offer help desk to their customers, view and modify traveler's journeys and export reports. They can integrate with accounting services for reconciling & balances to receive full accounting information.


The challenge was to define which information the manager needs in order to manage the user's bookings. Each user had multiple reservations in the system.
We had to identify a simple flow that allows viewing, editing, and exporting information for each reservation.

Feature Users.

Airline Admin.

Airline admins, can log-in to the Back-Office and view all the sales history and client status. Get complete information from which provides the content came from and the exact accounting details.


Agents can manage each docket and load information regarding the clients And modify the docket according to their needs.

Bidflyer Customer Managers.

Bidflyer Customer managers can get full information on the customers. They can also receive alerts and notifications and get an interface that manages the entire booking process.

UX Flow.

Managing Customers.

The Back-office allows Airlines to provide a help desk for each customer or perform a lookup for each customer.

Each field can be sorted or filtered, to enable fast and easy access to information

Back-Office - User table
Back-Office - Journey docket open

User Journey.

Clicking on a specific journey will show a complete timeline and breakdown of the services that were listed under the channels column.

​Each journey shows payment information details, including transaction approval and reference.

To view more details and provide information, each category within the journey can be expanded in order to see full details.

To view more details and provide information, each category within the Journey can be expanded in order to see full details.

 Back-Office - Journey docket open hotel
Back-Office - Journey

User Journey Modification.

In case a specific journey supports modifications or refund, they will show modification and cancelation buttons relatively.

The FRP allows modification to the entire journey to make sure that no dependencies within the Journey are left behind.

Travelers Information.

All traveler's information is listed with full detail for each journey, and allows editing of names and other related information.

Back-Office -Travellers
Back-Office - Accounting

Accounting & Reporting.

Accounting provides drilled down information, including overall uplift for each journey.

Aggregated reports for all journeys in the system can be exported to PDF or CSV and push to custom systems.

Auditing LOG.

The auditing log provides a complete log of changes made manually by each agent.

In addition, custom comments can be attached to each event within the log.

Back-Office - Activity comment

Every document sent to customers has an available view and submitted to provide helpdesk support to the customer.


Back-Office - Documents tooltip


Every document sent to customers has an available view and submitted to provide help desk support to the customer.

Accounting Challenge.

The main challenge was to understand which data the user would like to view to know how much revenue and profits there is from the order by suppliers and products.

UI Design Process.


The main challenge was to define and understand what data managers wanted to view, what was the revenues and profits and how many customers bought regarding the additional products Bidflyer provided to the airline. The report designed by a junior designer under my guidance and supervision.

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