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"In-Cart" is an embedded widget with content and unique offerings available at any stage in the user funnel. It's activated when a customer fulfills selected business actions.

e-Commerce teams can influence content delivery based on market segmentation, location, and business use cases. They can affect the user funnel and while adding different products to sell more and creating a higher profit margin for the airline.


The challenge was to maintain the design language of the airline while adding another product in a tight area so that the users won’t notice the product was an external product.

Original Customer Website.

Viva main website

In-Cart Vactions.

In-Cart - Add main page
In-Cart - Vacation selected

Vacations In-Cart widget in the airline design language

In-Cart - Hotel details
In-Cart - Hotel details open

More hotel deal and additional hotel info 

In-Cart - Select rooms
In-Cart - Vacation selected

Room selection and payment page

In-Cart - Passengers details added
In-Cart - Thank you

Thank you page

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