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Management Interface


Bidflyer is a full retail platform that accumulates revenue management strategy with 3rd party content and new pricing capabilities.
The Bidflyer Multi-channel platform provides technology enabling airlines to offer customers unique and personalized content tailored to their travel needs.  The Multi-channel platform leverages valuable real-time insights gained from revenue management and marketing teams and ensures total revenue optimization across multiple channels.


The existing rule engine required some design and implementation changes to allow new features and a better UX experience along with a redesign.
Through defining and redesigning the platform, I had many complex challenges. I had to put the old system behind and define the new user experience. I designed a language from scratch for a platform that contains complex pricing strategies rules for revenue managers and e-commerce teams.

Rule Engine Redesigned UI.

Timing Filter.

Roles & Groups Old UI.

Roles & Groups Redesigned UI.

Target Groups UI.

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