Senior Product Designer (UX/UI)

Vacations Deals.

EL-AL Airlines | 2019

Leading redesign vacations feature for EL-AL Airlines. Worked closely with the airline’s teams to define the airline's needs. Managed a product designer.


Back Office.

Bidflyer | 2020

As a Head of Product Design, I designed and defined the back office feature, which enables airlines to review and modify traveler journeys, export reports, and integrate with accounting services for reconciliation & balances.



Reduxio Systems | 2018

Leading the UX and the design process of the new NoRestore™ feature, collaborating with R&D, product and marketing team.


Management Interface.

Bidflyer | 2018 - 2020

My team completely redefined and designed the management platform for airline revenue managers and
e-commerce teams. I managed a product designer.


In-Cart For Vivaaerobus.

Vivaaerobus | 2020

Leading the feature that allows airline companies to add to their flow vacation packages.

bezel main.png

Bezel Bridge.

Reduxio Systems | 2017 -2018

Lead a form factor design project for Reduxio's storage hardware. Managed an external vendor, who executed the production in China with my active on-site supervision. As part of this project,
I hired a freelance designer who designed marketing and user manual materials.


Brand Book.

Reduxio Systems | 2017

Working in collaboration with the marketing team in San Francisco. In the workshop, we defined the company’s design language and tone of voice.